Major League Angels Shohei Otani hit 139 hits in the season, the most of his career | NHK

Major League Baseball’s Angels Shohei Otani made a full appearance as the designated hitter in the Mariners game, hitting a hit and raising this season’s hit count to 139, the highest in his fifth year. in the major leagues.

On the 18th, the day after he pitched the 7th inning well and earned his 13th win, Otani started as the No. 3 and designated hitter in the Mariners game in his hometown of Anaheim.

In the first at-bat of the first inning, he hit a four-ball, and in the second-at-bat of the third inning, a sharp hit that caught a fastball on the course hit the second strike and became a hit, scoring four consecutive hits.

With that, the number of hits this season is 139, surpassing last season when he hit 46 homers, the most in the major league for five years.

The 6th at bat was a strikeout and the 7th at bat was a grounder at shortstop guarding between first and second base.

The batting average is 20%, 6 minutes, 6 minutes.

The Angels won 5-1 against the Mariners, who are aiming for the playoffs by hitting a two-run homer in the first inning and two home runs in the third inning.

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