[nouveau cheval de 2 ans]A Heart’s Cry bigwig is born!Hearts Concerto is 8 horsepower and V Matsuyama is the highest compliment “He’s a very fun horse” -East Sports Horse Racing

  1. [nouveau cheval de 2 ans]A Heart’s Cry bigwig is born! Heart’s Concerto has a length of 8 horses V Matsuyama is the biggest compliment “It’s a very fun horse”Eastern Sport Horse Racing
  2. [POG]Hearts Concerto 8 horse length difference masterpiece V Matsuyama acclaimed “There was still room”netkeiba.com
  3. Hearts Concerto, East Sports Cup 2-year-old S target New horse 8 V length difference in ChukyoAppendix Sponichi
  4. [Commentaires après la première course de maquillage Chukyo 5R]Hearts Concerto Matsuyama Kohei jockey and othersnetkeiba.com
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