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[MLB]Angels-Mariners (September 18, 7 PM Japan/Anaheim)

AngelsShohei Otani started the match with “No. 3 DH”. In the first inning, when he bowed to the opposing catcher on entering the batting turn, the opponent also politely “bowed back”. One of the most popular players competing for the title of MVP saw a polite and warm scene where he never fails to communicate with the opposing team’s players.

[Vidéo]Shohei Ohtani’s salute is politely returned by the opponent’s catcher

In the first inning, Ohtani, who went to bat without a dead runner, greeted opponent’s catcher Casali with a nod like “Please!” Missed Game 18 the day before, and Casali, a mid-level Mariners player who wore a mask for the first time in two days, also responded by waving a mask. Additionally, Ohtani, who took a straight walk in the game against Mariners starter Gonzalez, was later seen on the show talking with first baseman France with a smile on his face.

There have been numerous scenes where Ohtani has a conversation with the opposing team’s first baseman after he arrives on base, and viewers react to each time. That day, even in the scene of the conversation with France, comments such as “France talks a lot”, “Story time”, “Thai France is probably friendly” were launched.
(ABEMA “SPORTS Channel”)

[Vidéo]Shohei Ohtani's salute is politely returned by the opponent's catcher

[Vidéo]Shohei Ohtani’s salute is politely returned by the opponent’s catcher

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