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On the 18th, Gamba Osaka lost 1-2 against Vissel Kobe in the 30th round of the Meiji Yasuda J1 League. Vissel Kobe’s Japanese national team FW Yuya Osako (32) is controversial over the decision of the PK who scored the equalizer.

Gamba Osaka opened the scoring with a goal from Brazilian striker Leandro Pereira (31) in the 55th minute in a game that will determine the outcome of the relegation battle in J1. However, when Yuya Osako scored a PK in the 83rd minute, a counter was triggered on a pass error by former Japanese national team FW Musashi Suzuki (28) in the 90th + 3rd minute of added time in the second half . Yuya Osako cleared a volley shot and allowed a return.

Just before allowing Vissel Kobe to score an equalizer, after former Japanese national team FW Yoshinori Muto (30) touched the ball first in attack and defense on a knocked down ball inside the penalty area, the foot of MF Yuya Fukuda (23) was Contact Yoshinori Muto. Both players were on the field at the same time. Then, after VAR intervened, the referee ruled PK.

However, many Gamba Osaka supporters were unhappy with this move by the KP. Mr. Shohei Ogura also updated his Twitter account immediately after the PK decision. “No no no. As expected, there is no penalty for this. Mutou-kun will lift his leg while showing the soles of his feet.”

“I was signed up to Gamba so I’m sure this is a Gamba oriented tweet but once the referee made a solid judgment I wanted him to have confidence in his judgement.”

“The Kobe players didn’t protest to the ref much, so I think they knew they couldn’t get a PK. If they really thought it was a PK, I think they would have protested more persistently. I was changing and playing, so I don’t think it was worth VAR…” (mother of origin), expressing her own opinion.

In response to Mr. Shohei Ogura’s tweet, comments such as “That’s right”, “Clearly not a PK”, “Thanks Ogura”, and “I thought Muto’s soles were more dangerous” were received. also objections such as “You don’t need VAR” and “It was Muto who went to the ball first and blocked it.”

Gamba Osaka dropped to 17th place in the J2 relegation zone after losing to Vissel Kobe. They are 2 points behind 15th place Shonan Bellmare, who is in the residual J1 range.

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