Samurai U18 takes 3rd place after rematch against arch-nemesis South Korea wins a medal for the first time in 5 years with 11 hits and 6 runs | Full Count

In the first inning, No. 4 Utsumi Nakamae hit in time to take the lead, and in the second inning, Matsuo and Watanabe hit in time to score five runs.

The Japanese high school team “SAMURAI JAPAN”, which played in the “30th WBSC U-18 Baseball World Cup” (Sarasota, Florida, USA), won the game for 3rd place against South Korea on the 18th (19th Japan time) 6-2. and won the bronze medal for the first time since the 2017 tournament held in Thunder Bay, Canada.

First time in Japan. With one out, outfielder Yoshinobu Kuroda (Kyushu International University) and catcher Shion Matsuo (Osaka Toin) create good opportunities for first and third base, and outfielder Yuta Utsumi (Koryo) hits Nakamae at the right time. . the head.

Additionally, Kim So-hyun, who pitched 3rd in the 2nd inning and ranked 1st overall in the Korean Draft and threw a 163 km (101 mph) fastball in the previous match against Japan, created a good opportunity for bases loaded with 1 out, Kuroda said, gets ejected and Matsuo hits 2 runs in front of the left in timely fashion, adding 3 runs. Then Utsumi chose a march and attacked with the bases loaded. At this point, Kim quit. Even when Yun Yeon-chul, the fourth left-hander, stepped up to the mound, he didn’t slow down his attacks, and wide receiver Kai Watanabe (Chiben Wakayama) hit two runs in front of the left in time, scoring five runs in this sleeve.

In terms of pitching, starting pitcher Ayuta Ikumori (Konan) pitched hard, allowing 3 hits and 2 runs over 4 innings even though he had 2 runs in the 4th inning. Second-place pitcher Tsugutaka Kawahara (Osaka Toin) went scoreless in three innings and led the team to victory. Kawahara had 3 wins, the most in this tournament, and won the title with the most wins.

They had suffered a crushing 0-8 loss to arch-nemesis South Korea in Game 1 of the Super Round on the 15th (the 16th), but that day the batting line came through with 11 hits and 6 points, and managed to get revenge. . It was the first bronze medal in five years since 2017.

Prior to the 3rd place playoff game, they lost 3-4 in the final game of the Super Round against the United States, which was a continuation game. It was a tough schedule with two matches in one day, but Samurai Japan showed their determination at the very end and took the win. In the final, the United States defeated Taiwan 5-1, also winning the championship for the first time in two tournaments since 2017 and for the 10th time.

[Vidéo]Get revenge on the old enemy, South Korea! In the second inning, No. 3 Matsuo hit a timely 2-run hit that crushed the 163-kilogram right-hander Kim.

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