Shohei Otani is hitting a career-high 139 hits with 4 straight hits and 2 goals, and 3 straight wins in the Army | Full Count

Starting pitcher as “#3/designated hitter” against Mariners

■ Angels 5-1 Mariners (19th Japan Time, Anaheim)

On the 18th (19 Japan time), Angels pitcher Shohei Otani started the game against the home base Mariners as the “3rd designated hitter.” In the 3rd inning, he hit second base and renewed his season high of 139 hits. 266 batting average with 1 of 3 hits at bat. The team has won three games in a row with the score of 5-1.

With 1 dead in the 3rd inning, which led by 2 runs, he swung into the inside corner four seams from Gonzalez on the left arm. He extended his hitting streak to four straight games with a hit that attacked second base and Frazier. He topped 138 hits last season. That’s a pace of 154 hits in the season.

In the same game on 17 (18) the day before, he pitched well with 7 strikeouts, 8 strikeouts, 3 hits and no runs. At bat, he hit a timely double the first time and earned his 13th victory. “Half a day” of pitching. I also got a result with a bat that day.

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