The Reason The Rescued Ex-Cat’s “Fumi Fumi” Is So Intense Impressed By The Owner’s Cartoon “If You See Him On The Train, It’s Bad” | Hint-Pot

A scene from the manga[Image fournie par Minami (@ droparts39)]
A scene from the manga[Image fournie par Minami (@ droparts39)]

The cat’s gesture of “fumi fumi” on cushions and blankets is said to essentially express “the feeling of being spoiled”. This behavior is deeply tied to childhood memories. A woman who lives with two ex-rescued cats noticed that the two “fumifumi” are different. A manga about finding sanity and renewing your resolve has garnered over 20,000 likes on Twitter.

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Pino-kun and Al-kun, ex-rescued cats, and Poco-san the hedgehog cartoon are very popular

The manga author who has become a hot topic this time is Minami (@droparts39) Mr. Miss. “The ruined wife ascends the throne again(published by Shogakukan), etc., and publishes daily comics on Twitter about once a week. What is drawn in it are the heartwarming days of two former rescue cats, “Pino” and “Al”, and a hedgehog, “Poco”, living together.

This time it was an article I wrote in April and recently reposted on Twitter. The main character is Pino-kun in pheasant white. About a year ago Al and I were picked up from a protective shelter, but at first he was shy because he didn’t like having his head patted. Also, since the two animals are not real siblings and were born and raised in different environments, there are various differences in the behavior they suddenly exhibit.

What particularly concerned Minami was the so-called “fumi-fumi” behavior. It’s officially called “sucking the wool”, and according to one theory, it’s said to show the mother cat’s breasts when she’s being petted. Therefore, whenever Minami-san saw Al-kun’s cute “fumi-fumi”, she thought with a smile, “Are you spoiled?”

On the other hand, Pino-kun’s “Fumi Fumi” is a bit different. Minami-san was surprised to see him stepping on the blanket with his paws and sucking the fur from the cat’s bed. So, Minami, who was curious about the difference between the two, searched the internet for the cause and found it on a blog.

“Some children nurse when their mother does not give them enough breasts.

Imagining Pino-kun’s upbringing brought tears to my eyes…

After reading this article, Ms. Minami had a number of thoughts in her mind. And imagine the upbringing of Pino-kun, who survived in a harsh environment until he was rescued at one month old. Looking at Pino-kun with tears in his eyes, he renewed his resolve, “I want to make him as happy as possible from now on.”

The manga became a hot topic and received 23,000 likes. In the reply (reply), “I saw him on the train and he was a bad guy”, “I cried a lot. Please make me happy from now on”, “I smoke a lot too!Was that the cause…” and many other comments were received.

In response to the unexpected response, Minami tweeted, “I’m glad I drew this because I wanted a lot of people to know.” I can’t help but hope that Pino-kun, Al-kun, and Poco-san can live happily ever after with Minami-san.

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