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Enrique, who got into trouble, sternly pointed out that 'the top is responsible' for releasing an apology video

“The best of JapanhostessesA charismatic former hostess from Nagoya, who boasted of being popular as aEnrique.He has been hit by several scandals lately, and on September 17,YoutubeI have to apologize on the channel.

“Enrique, who retired as a hostess in November 2019 and has now become a businessman, is having problems in several businesses she runs. In Bunshun Online August 23, led by Enriquechampagne loungeandwhile drinkingIt was reported that the man who was in hospital died after being rushed to the emergency room. In an interview with the magazine, Enrique admitted to being questioned by the police and apologized.

In addition, on September 7, “Bunshun Online” reported that there were suspicions of violation of the investment law and reimbursement problems in the business of buying “Enrique Kukan”. There are more and more voices doubting a manager’s ability due to a range of issues.” (entertainment reporter)

In the apology video on YouTube, Enrique appeared in a white shirt with his hair tied back. “This time we caused a lot of worry and trouble for everyone. I apologize,” he said. “Regarding the purchase partner referred to this time, I myself did not know anything about it, and I left everything to my husband. My husband was a partner whom I trusted from the bottom of my heart, but in reality, he said, and the facts which were completely different from the explanation were discovered one after another.”

Continuing, “As for the buying partner, my husband runs it and it looks like he had a contract with this company. My husband runs several companies, one of which is my representative. He was the manager, Enrique Kukan Co., Ltd. My husband was engaged in several businesses other than the purchasing partner, but I did not understand the situation, did not know the whole picture, and now I do not know what to do. am in a situation where I don’t know if I should wear it at all,” he said.

Regarding the alleged violation of investment law and repayment issues, it is said that he learned the facts from a weekly magazine report. I had a discussion with my husband, but no explanation was given. “My husband said, ‘I’m fine. I can pay,’ but I don’t think he gets paid,” she said.

Currently, he has asked a lawyer to investigate and he said, “I am very sorry because there has been a lack of management regarding this matter. First of all, I will grasp the situation firmly and do my best. to solve it”. .

Although he calls himself a “businessman”, he spoke as if he had nothing to do with running the business that bears his name. Enrique’s irresponsible management attitude,SRSHarsh voices come in.

“CEO? President? What is it? I don’t know what your company does. I don’t know. Isn’t the superior in charge? Is that okay? 》

“My husband doesn’t blame it too much. Maybe I left the business to my husband, but on the surface Enrique said he was the manager, so let’s at least try to understand.” So we often talked about work. 》

《M. Enrique, how do you feel as a manager if you don’t understand the details of the business even though it’s your own business? Isn’t it embarrassing to smile on TV in front of such a manager?

The “Enrique” brand has fallen. Can trust be restored from here?

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