Airstrike against a school in Myanmar 11 children killed 15 unknown UNICEF | NHK

UNICEF = United Nations Children’s Fund has revealed that at least 11 children have been killed in airstrikes on schools in the northwestern part of Myanmar, where confusion persists after a military coup .

The UNICEF Myanmar office said on the 19th that at least 11 children were killed in an airstrike on a school in Sagaing district in northwestern Myanmar on the 16th.

At least 15 other children are still missing from school, although UNICEF is still investigating the details.

After that, he criticized, “Schools should be safe. Children should never be attacked.”

In this regard, the “national unity government” established by pro-democracy forces resisting the army said: “It was the military who bombed the school, and after the bombardment, the ground forces of the army arrested around 20 children and teachers. ‘ made a statement.

On the other hand, the military side says in a statement that “a clash occurred after being attacked by an insurgent who was hiding during a helicopter inspection”.

Regarding the human rights situation in Myanmar, which continues to be confused after the coup, the UN special rapporteur said in June that at least 380 children had been killed or seriously wounded in military attacks and that the damage caused to children had become serious. the international community which

“Put the child’s corpse in a bag and put it in the truck.”

A parent of a 9-year-old girl who was killed in an airstrike has given an interview to NHK.

The man told his child, who attended the same school as the girl, that “there had been an air raid when school was about to start”. was destroyed. The center was attacked, and the classrooms were covered in smoke, and it was dark for a while,” he said of the situation at the time.

He added: “I was not allowed to enter the school after the airstrike, and I saw Myanmar army soldiers putting children’s bodies in bags and putting them in trucks. Attacks on schools are Myanmar’s next generation. who are responsible for the future and who cannot be forgiven.”

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