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“Parade of Silence” ©2022 “Parade of Silence” Production Committee

National TOP 10 Film Mobilization Ranking (09/17-09/18)

The national film mobilization rankings for September 17 (Sat) and 18 (Sun) have been announced.

Last week’s TOP3 was 1st place “ONE PIECE FILM RED”, 2nd place “HiGH & LOW THE WORST X”, and 3rd place “Bullet Train”.

How has the ranking changed? We will announce 10th place immediately.

10th place “Akira and Akira”

“Akira and Akira” ©2022 “Akira and Akira” Production Committee

“Akira to Akira,” which is in its 4th week of release, went from 8th to 10th last week.

This work stars Ryoma Takeuchi and Ryusei Yokohama. The original is Jun Ikeido’s novel of the same name, set in a megabank, and features two symmetrical characters: a young man who spent a poor childhood with the belief of “lending money to others” and a offspring who is cold at work. the appearance of the new employee is drawn.

Directed by Takahiro Miki, who also directed “Even If This Love Disappears From The World Tonight” and “TANG Tang”. Kaito Takahashi, Moka Kamishiraishi and other co-stars.

9th “Hundred Flowers”

“Cent Fleurs” ©2022 “Cent Fleurs” Production Committee

Masaki Suda and Mieko Harada starred twice in “Mokka,” which rose from 5th to 9th place last week.

The original is a novel of the same name by Genki Kawamura, who produced many films as a producer and screenwriter, and Kawamura himself served as the director.

It depicts a mother who suffers from dementia and loses her memory, and a son who comes to terms with the memories that were sealed away while caring for his mother. With Masami Nagasawa, Masatoshi Nagase and others.

8th place “Jurassic World / New Ruler”

“Jurassic World: A New Ruler” © Universal Studios 2021. All rights reserved.

‘Jurassic World: The New Ruler’, which entered its 8th week of release, fell from 7th place last week, but cumulative box office performance is approaching 4.1 million viewers and box office takings -office exceeded 6.1 billion yen. .

The latest chapter in the popular series is set four years after the previous work, and a huge conspiracy stands in the way of the main characters as they seek a way to coexist with the dinosaurs.

This work is the last part of the series in which the worlds of the series trilogy “Jurassic Park” and “Jurassic World” merge.

In addition to returning Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum and Sam Neill from “Jurassic Park” co-starred. Directed by Colin Trevorrow.


“HiGH & LOW THE WORST X” ©2022 “HiGH & LOW THE WORST X” Production Committee © Takahashi Hirohi (Akita Shoten) HI-AX

Now in its second week of release, “HiGH & LOW THE WORST X” is down from #2 last week.

The second installment that intersects with the popular series and Hiroshi Takahashi’s “Crows” and “WORST” manga. Kazuma Kawamura (THE RAMPAGE) will continue to perform, and the main cast of Oya Koukou and Hosen Gakuen will also continue.

Yuta Nakamoto (NCT 127 / YUTA) and Ryoki Miyama (BE: FIRST / RYOKI) are new entrants, and the strongest and strongest high school in the series’ history will unfold a spectacular summit battle.

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