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Katare Toyama will hold a press conference for the appointment of Mr. Michiharu Odagiri, who was appointed as the new director following the retirement of Mr. Nobuhiro Ishizaki, so we will inform you as follows.

Announcing Director Michiharu Odagiri’s Inaugural Press Conference

Date and time of implementation

September 21, 2022 (Wednesday) 2:30-3:30 p.m. (reception 2:20 p.m.)


Katare Toyama Pavilion (51-1 Kusashima, Toyama City)

Speakers (3 people)

Shigeo left Tomo (President and CEO of Katare Toyama Co., Ltd.)
Zenshu Endo (Katale Toyama Co., Ltd. Reinforcement Manager)
Odagiri Michiharu (director of Katare Toyama)


2:20 p.m. Beginning of the reception
2:30 p.m. Beginning of the press conference and greeting of the President
2:45 pm Inaugural greeting from director Michiharu Odagiri
2:50 Q&A
2:25 p.m. Photo shoot, etc.
3:30 p.m. End of the press conference (scheduled)


*This press conference is for members of the press only and not open to the general public.
* The press conference will be broadcast on YouTube “Katare Toyama Official Channel KATALLER TV”.

Commentary by former director Ishizaki

To all fans and supporters who always support Katare Toyama.
I would also like to express my deepest gratitude to all the players who fought together to return to J2, as well as to the staff and sponsors who supported the team.
Since 2021, I have been in charge of Katare Toyama, and I have devoted all my energy to returning to J2, but I am very sorry that I could not meet your expectations.
From now on, I hope he returns to J2 under the new coach Odagiri, and continues to play an active role and develop further.
I’m really grateful to you.

Commentary by Director Odagiri

I’m Michiharu Odagiri, Katare Toyama’s new trainer.
This situation was not what the whole club wanted and I feel responsible. It’s definitely not a desirable form, but in the competitive world, things like that can happen, so I’ll do my best in the remaining 9 games, one game at a time, towards my goal.
We will only focus on winning the game in front of us, and the players and staff will work together to fight passionately and desperately, so please support us until the very end.

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