DJ president, Don pull to Yutabon anti “Adults are anonymous even if they want to pass…” “Children, not yet”: J-CAST News[Full text display]

On September 16, 2022, the President DJ, leader of the music group “Repezen Foxx”, appeared on mentalist DaiGo’s YouTube live show and criticized the online bashing of YouTuber Yutabon (13) who was wrong. at school. .

  • From Yutabon's Instagram (@yutabon_youtuber)

    From Yutabon’s Instagram (@yutabon_youtuber)

  • From Yutabon's Instagram (@yutabon_youtuber)

    From Yutabon’s Instagram (@yutabon_youtuber)

  • From Yutabon's Instagram (@yutabon_youtuber)
  • From Yutabon's Instagram (@yutabon_youtuber)

“I like Yutabon.”

Regarding Yutabon, there was a scene in Repezen Foxx on 3 where he couldn’t say the math table, and it drew attention. After that, Mr. Yutabon tweeted on the 8th, “It’s really funny to be serious about times tables, but the fun is over.” He claims it was just a show.

On the 16th, President DJ appeared on mentalist DaiGo’s live broadcast and mentioned Yutabon.

“I like Yutabon very much. But the more I went to Yutabon, the more various people told me. Why does such a young girl work so hard with such a dream?” would do. come this far saying anonymously why he wanted to come see me like this.”

He went on to say that he actually wouldn’t complain harshly about the kids.

“Don’t say such a child in front of you. Don’t say (stern words) to a child who says, ‘I want to be rich in the future!'”

DaiGo also agrees, “I’ll never say it. I’ll say, ‘Oh, do your best. “” DJ Faith, who also appeared at the same time, said: “You’re not saying, ‘Hey kid, look at reality.

Mr. DJ analyzed the reason why Yutabon was beaten as follows.

Although I can understand the feeling of being amused by the flames, Yutabon still follows like a child.

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