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YouTuber artist/unit Repezen Foxx posted a video titled “[Flaming Up]Hajime Shachou tried to raise Hezumariu again.” As the title suggests, the video is a collaborative video where he visited Hajime Shacho’s house with Ryu Hezumari.

The embarrassing behavior of Hezumaru who got angry at the beginning

Two years ago, Mr. Hezumari caused a lot of trouble with a plan to attack Shacho at first, and according to Repezen President DJ Foxx, “One of the few NG in Hajime Shacho」。

Hajime Shacho himself also mentioned it in previous videos, saying, “I felt really bad. To be honest, I was pissed” he said.

In this context, the members of Repezen Foxx were ready not to be able to publish it as a video.

Hajime Shacho “The statute of limitations in me”

Even Hajime Shacho-san was embarrassed when he met Ryu Hezumari-san. While at a loss for words,Hezuma never imagined that…and backed off.

But then “statute of limitations in me”, it seems to have been released this time around as a collaboration video.

Moreover, Mr. Hezumari-san immediately apologized on the pitch when he met Shacho-san.

A plan to eat bugs that scream

The video also includes a bug-eating plan that was prepared in case Mr. Hezumari’s plan is scrapped.

There were various other accidents, but Hajime Shacho survived filming smiling and sometimes screaming.

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