Hearts Cry Stallion Big Game Premonition Hearts Concerto, Matsuyama jockey acclaimed for landslide win by 8 horse lengths ‘Very Strong Horse Racing’… New 2-Year-Old Horse Rating-Sports Hochi

  1. Hearts Cry Stallion Big Game Premonition Hearts Concerto wins by 8 horse lengths and Matsuyama jockey cheers “Very strong horse racing”… Rating of new 2-year-old horsesports report
  2. [POG]Dogmatic assessment of the two years (from 17 to 19) Concerto of hearts in the brilliant sensenetkeiba.com
  3. “Driving with a different dimension!” What is your assessment of the Concerto de Coeurs? Evaluation list from September 17 to 19[vérification de 2 ans]Yuma
  4. Kohei Matsuyama also praises the landslide victory with JRA’s “biggest difference in history”!G.J.
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