‘I used to worry about ‘image as an actress’, but…’ Why 48-year-old Miki Mizuno started playing ‘attacking characters’ after pregnancy and childbirth-Bunharu Online

  1. “I used to worry about my image as an actress, but…” Why Miki Mizuno, 48, started playing an “aggressive character” after pregnancy and childbirthbunshun online
  2. Miki Mizuno “struggle between husband and childcare”To the web portal
  3. “Childcare is something men don’t understand any more than I imagined” Miki Mizuno (48) remarked on the “fundamental misunderstanding” that occurs between mums and dads raising childrenbunshun online
  4. “When I was young, I dreamed of a sweet married life, but in reality, I repeated skirmishes.” Why Miki Mizuno (48) still imagines a “funny world” and livesbunshun online
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