‘I want people who thought about submarines to go to hell’ ‘How little profit? ”Heated debate over popular singer’s Buchigire post: J-CAST News

On September 20, 2022, singer-songwriter Makoto Kawamoto tweeted about the music subscription (flat rate unlimited listening), saying, “I want whoever thought of this to go to hell.”

  • From Makoto Kawamoto's Twitter (@19740119)

    From Makoto Kawamoto’s Twitter (@19740119)

  • From Makoto Kawamoto's Twitter (@19740119)

“The Reality of What to Do”

Mr. Kawamoto posted on Twitter: “I want you to know how little profit subscriptions generate.” He continued, “I want whoever thought of the subscription system to go to hell.”

There are a wide variety of music subscriptions such as Apple Music, LINE Music and Spotify, and many of the songs Mr. Kawamoto sings are included in these services.

In a later post, Mr Kawamoto lamented, “So I could say I should stop subscribing, but the reality is there are a lot of people who don’t have a CD player, so what should I do ?”

In response to these claims, some opinions agreed with Mr. Kawamoto, such as “The current system doesn’t care about creators at all” and “Good business.” In contrast, “For music producers, the initial investment is cheaper, it’s easier to release independent music, and there’s no inventory risk. It won’t be a warped Oricon. The number of people who can earn money has increased.” There was also a voice saying:

Moreover, “For music lovers, there is nothing more valuable than subscribing. You can get in touch with new music more and more. In fact, I now listen to the wonderful songs of M Kawamoto, which I never would have had in the CD era. There was also a user who said.

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