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“Celestial Dragonblade” is a card with new anime original types such as “Laevatein Dragon” from the TV anime world “Shadowverse F (Flame)”. Although not a new card type this time around, I will be introducing a Gold Neutral Card and a Nemesis Legend Card.

Seraphic Leo Galuel

before evolution after evolution
to classify neutral
type of card disciple
Scarcity rare gold
Cost 1
before evolution Attack 1/Health 2
after evolution Attack 3/Health 4
Ability text (before evolution) [Fanfare]Until end of turn, reduce the cost of 1 neutral follower in your hand (excluding “Seraphic Leo Garuel”) by 2, and it will say “At the end of your turn, destroy this on your field “. “have.
Ability text (after scaling) [Quand évolué]One of your other followers has “cannot be destroyed by abilities (destroyed by attacks or ability damage)”.
resume Yuki Sakakibara

Does the strength depend on the environment and the pack?

One of the “Digital Friend (hereinafter referred to as Digifure)” who appears in the TV anime “Shadowverse F” is included as a card. Digifure is a gold rare card that is popular as a companion with the ability to communicate. Garuel will appear in the artwork as Shirogane Mikado’s Digifure.

Garuel in the app version provides the ability to reduce the cost of neutral supporters in your hand by 2 until the end of the turn. This is effectively a -1 cost because you have to put Garuel himself into play. It’s worth noting that Garuel’s own ability to take the board is weak, while lower cost followers will stay on the field if you cut evolution.

The strength of this ability will fluctuate depending on the environment and available neutral followers in rotation. Right after adding the new pack, there are powerful neutral followers such as “Goddess of Three Phases, Vivekaha”, “Jupiter”, and “Bipolar Life, Flam-Glass”.

Especially for Jupiter, even if its follower has evolved less than 5 times, it is possible to exit at 2 costs (3 costs if Garuel’s share is included), combined with Jupiter’s own ability. Since Jupiter himself has the ability to take the board, he seems to be compatible with Garuel.

I want to play with in the “Satanael” deck

Something that looks a bit interesting is putting it in a deck using “Satanael”. You can get Apocalypse cards and Cocytus cards early by reducing the cost of Satanael, and it seems strong to reduce the cost of the cards you get with Garuel.

Like Satanael, it works well with neutral followers who trigger key effects with a bang. On the other hand, cards such as Metatron, whose effects after evolution and abilities during evolution are essential, are not considered compatible with that much.

absolute hunting

before evolution after evolution
to classify Nemesis
type of card disciple
Scarcity Legend
Cost ten
before evolution Attack 5/Health 5
after evolution Attack 7/Health 7
Ability text (before evolution) Each time a friendly follower is destroyed, subtract 1 from this cost in your hand.
[Fanfare]Destroy an enemy partisan.
Ability text (after scaling) 【guardian】
[Quand évolué]Draw cards until you have 7 cards in your hand.
resume Ishikawa Yui

A piece that supports the middle floor of the Nemesis doll

While “Linacent Chronicle” rotation failure makes it impossible to use “Purge Vessel, Maisha”, “Dimensional Conqueror, Yuan”, “Extreme Creator, Belfomet”, etc. , the headstock is relatively less affected by rotation failure. “Absolute Chase” seems to be compatible with the Nemesis doll. Considering the cost is -1 each time your follower is destroyed, this looks like a defensive card that connects the midgame.

The point is the upgradable ability that allows you to draw until you have 7 cards in your hand. Since this is a game that actively cuts low cost cards early on, the ability to replenish resources is appreciated.

In particular, the lack of a finisher after Orchis is one of the problems of the Nemesis doll. Therefore, abilities that facilitate access to key cards such as “Destruction of the Endless World: Lishena” and “Endless World Orchis” will boost the deck.

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