Kizaemon Saiga, The pregnant lover is also pregnant… Going to a sushi restaurant with a woman “The other day the child of Ginza” Posted on his wife’s blog: J-CAST News[Texte intégral]

On September 19, 2022, Eri, a common-law spouse of martial artist Kizaemon Saiga, posted a LINE exchange on his blog which explored that Saiga went out to eat with a woman.

Eri is pregnant. In her blog of the 18th, she reveals that she is in the last month of her pregnancy.

  • From Kizaemon Saiga's Instagram (kizaemon0213)

    From Kizaemon Saiga’s Instagram (kizaemon0213)

  • Saiga and Eri's LINE (from Eri's blog)

    Saiga and Eri’s LINE (from Eri’s blog)

  • From Kizaemon Saiga's Instagram (kizaemon0213)
  • Saiga and Eri's LINE (from Eri's blog)

“I’m sure you’re a cute senior~”

Saiga posted on his blog on the night of the 19th, “Eri is amazing. Can’t beat you. Lol.” In a later blog, he revealed that when he got home from going out, Eri asked him, “Did you have fun?”

It seems that Saiga-san went out to eat with her elders, and she replied, “Well, that’s more delicious than it’s usually fun.” They say it was done.

Moreover, Eri said, “I’m sure you’re a cute senior, I wonder when I met you.” Mr. Saiga revealed he had some regrets, saying, “Uh…lol, I can’t beat you.”

After that, Mr. Saiga updated his blog again and reported that he and his eldest went to dinner at a high-end sushi restaurant. Saiga wrote to Eri, “It was delicious. Let’s go with the family after the baby is born.”

However, Eri cited this blog the same day and published an article with the title “It’s like an example sentence of ‘white'”. A LINE screenshot was posted in which Saiga confesses that a woman was present at the sushi restaurant.

“I’m sorry for the trusting relationship with Eri. Lol.”

In the published LINE, Mr. Saiga said, “I didn’t know” of the woman’s presence, but Mr. Eri replied, “No. When I continued, “I thought it was Nanaramon-chan (*Saiga-san) who invited me,” Saiga-san replied, “Why?” Eri also chased “a kid from Ginza the other day.”

About these exchanges, Eri wrote on her blog: “It’s so white that even the typhoon was surprised.

After that, Mr. Saiga updated his blog again and posted a post saying “Don’t get me wrong”. “Basically, I like beautiful women, but isn’t everyone else?”

A two-take photo with Eri was posted on the blog, and it was spelled “I can’t convey it well, but I’m sorry for the trusting relationship with Eri.”

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