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South Korea’s Military Personnel Administration Chief Is ‘skeptical’ About BTS’ Special Military Service

Korean male idol group

Korean male idol group “BTS” (Image provided by: wowkorea)

Director of South Korea’s military manpower administration, Lee Ki-sik, took a cautious stance on the issue of military service exemption for male idol group BTS, saying: “We need a social consensus in terms of fairness”.

He also hinted that he intends to “take advantage of the BTS special military service issue to improve the replacement system (social service personnel) in general.”

In an interview with Yonhap News, a South Korean news agency reported on the 20th, Lee said, “As the pros and cons of the BTS conscription issue have expanded, what’s the point of reducing ( special exceptions)? I think we need to look at the overall situation as soon as possible.” He said: “It is not appropriate to add and develop other things when we are currently trying to reduce the replacement service , which is a special military service.

Lee said, “If folk art is included in the alternative service system, there is a risk that young people serving as soldiers will feel discriminated against, sidelined and frustrated. The question is whether it is necessary to continue employing substitutes. ” he said.

He continued, “BTS’s achievements are certainly wonderful, but it is necessary to have a social consensus in terms of fairness to tie rewards to fulfilling military service obligations.”

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