MBCNews | Typhoon damages baseball stadium and space center more clearly… Rice just before harvest

Typhoon damage more obvious Baseball stadium, space center… Even rice just before harvest[09/20 20:08]

Typhoon No. 14, which landed on the mainland of the prefecture on the 18th, transformed into an extratropical cyclone off the coast of Sanriku on the morning of the 20th. It has been two days since the landfall, but the damage is became even more evident.

Kamoike Municipal Baseball Stadium in Kagoshima City. The prefectural preliminaries for the fall high school baseball tournament, which had been postponed due to the typhoon, were scheduled to begin on the 20th.

(Reporter) “The bulletproof net that surrounds the stadium is torn wide open. Broken nets are strewn everywhere.”

The ball net that prevents the ball from flying into the surrounding area was torn, and the safety could not be confirmed was partially reviewed.

Also, the window pane of the room was broken and although emergency measures were taken with cardboard, the floor inside the room was peeling off due to rainwater coming in through the window. Repairs are not progressing and, at this time, Kamoike Municipal Stadium will not be able to play hardball games and will only play short-range softball baseball.

(Mr. Hitoshi Morita, Specialist, Sports Division, Tourism Exchange Department, Tourism Exchange Bureau, Kagoshima City)
“I’ve never heard of such damage (until now). I want to be able to use it safely as soon as possible.”

The damage is also there. In the large rocket assembly building of the Tanegashima Space Center, it was confirmed that part of the outer wall had fallen. It is investigated whether there is an influence on the stored H2A rocket and the new H3 rocket.

Agriculture is also affected.
“That’s the situation. (The rice plants) are already sleeping.”

In the paddy field of Hirofumi Okita, a rice farmer in Hishikari, Isa City, rice which was due to be harvested in about two weeks was blown away by strong winds. It was feared that yield and quality would be affected.

(Rice farmer Hirofumi Okita)
“I think it will be much less in terms of yield decrease. I think it has something to do with the quality (of the rice).”

Pears, a specialty of Satsuma City, were also damaged. At this farm, a mini-truck of large cultivar “Niitaka” pears, which have reached the harvest season, fell. The fallen pears had to be thrown away and the damage is estimated at around 300,000 yen.

(Mr. Shigeru Izumi, Izumi Pear Garden)
“Right now it’s high harvest season, and I’m in pain. I have no choice but to give up. I’ll do my best again next year.”

In addition, at an orchard in Mizobe-cho, Kirishima City, a gust of wind ripped the vinyl from the greenhouse and about 20% of the grapes fell. The harvest, which had been suspended due to the typhoon, resumed from the 20th, even though we were busy with repair work.

(Customer) “I’m sorry we’re still recovering, but I’m grateful (to be able to pick grapes).”

(Director Shuichiro Bareiwa, Hagiiwa Farm)
“I was worried about the damage, but I managed to deal with it with everyone’s help.”

Kagoshima Prefecture says damage to crops and agricultural facilities continues across the prefecture, and while investigations are ongoing, the extent and amount of damage has yet to be determined.

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