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Rosenthal: ‘We prefer players from teams competing for the title’

Will Angels pitcher Shohei Ohtani win MVP for the second year in a row? As the season draws to a close, Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge’s “MVP controversy” escalates. In an article on the American sports media “The Athletic”, journalist Ken Rosenthal ranks each MLB award. He also commented on the MVP.

Awards determined by voting members of the Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA) include Cy Young, Rookie of the Year, Manager of the Year, and MVP awards in both leagues. On the American League MVP: “Yankees fans can say this is the simplest verdict. Aaron Judge is two runs off the AL record (61 homers) and only the fifth in 75 years. I I’m going for the Triple Crown, and when I vote for MVP, I’d rather be on a team that’s fighting for the title, and I think those guys are playing under a lot of pressure, and Judge almost single-handedly prevented the Yankees of a historic fall,” he praised Judge.

“Yet, just as the judges can’t imagine losing this (MVP) award, it’s almost unimaginable that Shohei Ohtani, who says he performed better than last season when he won the unanimous MVP award, would finish. second. I can’t. My choice is the judge, but I’m not going to apologize for marveling at Ohtani.”

Ohtani has 13 wins as a pitcher and 34 homers as a hitter. After his 13th win against the Mariners on the 17th (18th time in Japan), he said: “I think I’m confident that I was able to have a better season than last year, including the balance between throwing and to hit.” Otani, who won the MVP by unanimous decision, “surpassed last season,” and Judge, who is two homers off the league’s most 61 homer. The high-level battle should continue until the very end.

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