Orix with a miraculous turnaround V Existence of “150 kg on quintet” feared by the other teams | Full Count

In the 10th inning of overtime, So pulled out a timely goodbye and won 3 straight games

■ ORIX 6-5 software bank (19th, Kyocera Dome)

On the 19th, Orix extended the Softbank match held at their home, Kyocera Dome, 10 times and won the farewell 6-5. After three consecutive victories at Tennozan with the leader, the game gap is finally “0”. The team chasing back-to-back league titles has a “over 150kg quintet” that other teams fear.

If you bring it into a close battle, your chances of winning will increase. In the 9th inning, chasing 1 run, Tadashi Yoshida’s timely hits to the right front of 2nd and 2nd bases tied the game, and in the 10th inning, the bases loaded with 2 dead, Mune gave a timely goodbye to Nakamae to decide the match. . The batting staff held firm, but the good pitching of the tied pitchers should not be overlooked.

Tajima, the starting pitcher, allowed 5 runs in the middle of the 6th inning (1 earned run), but the 6 relievers who followed him kept a clean sheet. Among them, Udagawa, Hayate Yamazaki, Abe, Wagespak and 3rd place Honda’s “over 150 kilogram quintet” blocked the Hawks’ strike line with a spectacular throw.

Director Nakajima also assessed, “You did a really good job. Nobody wants to give you a single point.”

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