‘Really sad’ racetrack manners are crumbling, jockeys see problems one after another Fans complain about ‘bad tradition’ at trash scattering site: J-CAST News

Triggered by a tweet from a JRA (Japan Racing Association) jockey, the issue of racetrack manners has come to the fore.

  • On the JRA website

    On the JRA website

  • On the JRA website

“I wouldn’t say it’s good, but it’s a familiar sight.”

On September 19, 2022, JRA’s Kenichi Ikezoe tweeted, “I have a request for you” and shared two photos. One was a branded card, sports paper, and paper cups placed haphazardly on a bench, and the other was a bet slip strewn near a bet ticket vending machine.

Mr. Ikezoe said, “I wondered about it for a long time, but I’ve seen it a lot lately. It’s more beautiful than when you came. Thank you very much.”

He complained about the morality of some horse racing fans saying: ‘It’s a bad tradition from the past’, ‘I didn’t like it so I used the Excel floor (paying seats) and “Japanese horse racing is wonderful in content and facilities. It’s a shame”, and the sympathy continues. There were quite a few people who gave up saying, “This is what most WINS look like (outside of betting ticket offices). I’m not saying it’s good, but it’s a familiar sight.”

JRA jockeys Seina Imamura, Yutaro Nonaka, Kanichiro Fujii, trainer Shintaro Suzuki and horse owner Takushi Murakami responded with “Like” or “Retweet”, and training assistant Takahisa Onishi said, ” It was natural for our parents’ generation, and that’s why There were so many housekeepers changed.

Yujiro Inuzuka, also known as Guriguri-kun, the owner of the horse, worries about the negative impact on the horse racing world. Jockey Jun Takada said: “It’s really sad…everyone is throwing it away, so I wonder if it’s okay for me…” There is. Please stop using a large amount of Repro as a mat just because it’s free. …” He raised the issue from a different point of view.

The JRA and local racetracks instruct on their websites to “dispose of voting tickets, brand cards and other unwanted waste such as waste paper in trash cans and recycling boxes set up on the premises.”

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