Shohei Ohtani, 155 hits in multiplayer for the first time in 7 games

.268 batting average with 2 hits and 1 of 4 runs at bats

■ Mariners 9-1 Angels (20th Japan Time, Anaheim)

On the 19th (Japan time on the 20th), Angels pitcher Shohei Otani started the game against the home base Mariners as the “second designated hitter.” He hit a double down the left wing line at 3rd at bat in the 6th inning, which was met with 2 at bats, and scored the first multiple hit in 7 games with the hit to the middle in the 8th. sleeve. 268 batting average with 2 hits and 1 of 4 runs at bats. The team suffered a 9-1 loss, ending any chance of qualifying for the playoffs.

Kaine d’Ohtani had a death in the sixth inning. Gilbert’s first four-pitch right-hand seam with 12 pregame wins at the left wing line with a liner. It was a hard hit with a strike speed of 102.9 miles (about 165.6 kilometers). Duffy’s double in the middle of the next base advanced to third base, and he survived with Ward’s sacrificial middle fly.

In the 8th inning with 1 kill and 1st base, he came back from empty left arm to center. The strike speed was 105.2 miles (about 169.3 kilometers), which was also severe. Although he recorded the 36th multi-hit this season, it did not lead to a score.

The district’s 3rd place team miscalculated that starting pitcher Suarez allowed 7 hits and 5 runs in 5 innings. The last time they qualified for the playoffs was in 2014 when they won the district championship, and they missed the playoffs for the eighth straight year.

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