Shohei Ohtani’s magic ball is “I can’t stop laughing”.

Roughly half of the votes in the ‘most vulgar ball’ survey conducted by pitching analysts

Angels pitcher Shohei Ohtani is in a heated battle with Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge for the AL MVP, but the MVP isn’t the only thing catching attention. A prominent pitching analyst named Ohtani one of five nominees for the AL Cy Young Award. Otani’s “magic ball” is described as “change like a game” and “it’s too hard and the batter can only laugh”, and is billed as one of the “most vulgar balls”.

Rob Friedman, a pitching analyst nicknamed “Pitching Ninja”, wrote an article for the American media “FOX Sports”. As candidates for the AL Cy Young Award, Verlander and Valdez of the Astros, Shise of the White Sox, McClanahan of the Rays and Ohtani were nominated, and each pitcher’s “bad ball” was presented.

Ohtani introduces the split, which Friedman calls “one of the most impossible pitches to hit in baseball,” the slider, which he describes as “a game-like change,” and the sinker, which comes from join the armory. was done. The “turbo sinker” he threw at Altuve in the game against the Astros on the 10th (Japan time, 11th) was greeted with astonishment, saying, “It’s too hard, and even Altuve can’t s stop laughing at injustice. »

Friedman also announced the results of a poll he conducted on his Twitter account. When asked, “Which American League starter has the meanest ball?” Ohtani received 47.7% of the votes. She is ranked 1st, with a wide margin over 2nd place Seeds (28%).

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