Shohei Otani, the process of becoming a “perfect” player analyzes the American media, proof of an evolution compared to last year | Full Count

At bat, the strikeout rate has decreased and the angle has widened: “It’s more balanced than last year.

Angels pitcher Shohei Ohtani has 13 wins as a pitcher and 34 homers as a hitter this season. The very first “double regulation range” is tinged with reality. American sports outlet ‘The Athletic’ compared his performance with last year’s MVP award. He specifically mentions aspects that have evolved in the pitch. (Numbers are as of 19 Japan time)

On the 17th (18 Japan time) against the Mariners at home, they scored seven innings. Ohtani, who picked up his 13th victory, said after the game: “You can be sure the season is better than last year. Including the balance between throwing and hitting, I think that will give me confidence that I will is having a better season than last year.’ said. The article states, “In conclusion, Ohtani’s claim is ‘correct’. It can be hard to judge by looking at the results, but it’s undeniably true,” comparing and verifying.

Regarding the stick, on the surface he said: “Last year’s results were better than this year” and listed the points where major improvements were seen. OPS is 0.987 since July 13, compared to 0.839 during the same period last season. The biggest improvement has been his strikeout rate, which went from 29.6% (189 strikeouts in 639 strikeouts) last season to 24.2% (145 strikeouts in 600 strikeouts) this season. He’s already had 139 hits, surpassing last year’s 138 hits, and is down 39 hits. The number of doubles is comparable to 26 last year.

The batted ball to shoot has dropped significantly this season. Last season it was 46.6%, but this season it is 36.5%. The misfire rate improved by 7% and the long hit power did not decrease. “When Ohtani is good, he hits all over the court. Hitting may not be as powerful as last year, but he’s definitely more balanced in hitting than last year,” he said. . .

As a pitcher, ball control is greatly improved and puff rate increases sharply… Ball speed also increases.

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