Shokugan “Mobile Suit Gundam G Frame FA” Vol. 4, Reservations open from 1:00 p.m. on September 20! (Impress Watch) – Yahoo News

[Voir une autre image liée à cet article]This product is the 4th stage of the high-end mobile action figure series “Mobile Suit Gundam G Frame FA”, which is completed by attaching armor to the frame. The “Mobile Suit Gundam G Frame FA” series retains the same wide range of motion with the conventional frame mechanism, and the gimmick that allows the armor set to be displayed as a single item. It evolved into full armor (FA: Full Armor Specification). In addition, the non-moving hanger can be combined with a base. This time the 4th episode, there are 8 types in the lineup, including “God Gundam”, “Gundam Aerial”, “Jim Quell/Jim Quell[Hazel Head]”, and the new specification “Hyakushiki”. . ■ Product Details “Mobile Suit Gundam G Frame FA 04 (10 pieces)”[contenu d’un seul article]・1 colorful model (8 types in total) ・1 eraser (soda flavor)[gamme]・God Gundam Armor Set ・God Gundam Frameset Gundam Aerial Armor Set Gundam Aerial Frameset GM Quell/Jim Quell[Hazel Head]Armor Set GM Quell/Jim Quell[Hazel Head]Frameset Hyakushiki Armor Set ・Hyakushiki Frame Set[Matériel]・Body: ABS[Taille]・H approx. 110mm x W approx. 70mm[Âge recommandé]・ Ages 15 and up Sotsu/Sunrise ©Sotsu/Sunrise/MBS

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