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Tatsuya Fukasawa and Koji Mukai from Snow Man will appear in the series “Oboero!” from TBS on the 27th. Appears in a 1.5-hour special (starting at 7:00).

“Oboero!” First progression towards the golden belt

The first show aired last December, the second in March this year, and this show, which aired for two weeks as part of Mokubara Night in July this year, will finally enter the area for the first time. golden.

In today’s world, where brain functions have drastically diminished due to the development of digital technology, in order to regain the original “human brain”, the program “Oboero!” ‘. The tension created by competition and the empathy that comes from thinking about your teammates stimulates your brain.

Tatsuya Fukasawa and Koji Mukai will form a “starter team”

Until now, it was delivered in a battle format divided into two teams, the “Taken Team” and the “Highly Educated Team”, but this time the “Actor Team” will be added to power the three-way battle. The two members of Chocolate Planet, who participate each time, will this time be divided into teams, and will lead their respective teams.

Shun Matsuo (Chocolate Planet), Nicole Fujita, Fukasawa and Mukai will participate in the competition as a “startup team”. Art graduate Shohei Nagata (Chocolate Planet) will direct Yokohama National University graduate Kaori Manabe, Waseda University graduate Hiroe Igeta, and Chuo University graduate Takahiro Ogata (Panther). as a highly skilled team. And the “acting team” will be joined by Sadao Abe and Kohei Matsushita, as well as Hikorohi and Takashi Yoshimura (Heisei Nobushi Kobushi). Abe said confidently, “Because acting is fundamentally a job to be learned, there’s no problem. I’ll never make a mistake.”

Koji Mukai “You should call Abe-chan for this kind of program”

Matsuo said, “I feel like I finally got to Golden, and I want to take this opportunity to work hard to become a regular. We can enjoy it together in front of the TV, so I would like my family to do it. watching while learning.” After talking about it, Nagata also said, “It turned golden, and the problems became quite magnificent and improved. There are rumors that watching it will increase IQ or not, so take a look.” .

Additionally, Fukasawa said, “I’m Johnny’s, and Snow Man is a group that dances a lot, so they learn the choreography quickly. I’m the fastest in the group, so I’m confident in my memory, and I’m definitely want to win.” Mukai said excitedly, “I thought he had a good memory, but he’s also nervous, so I feel like he’s weakening a bit. This kind of program is for the member Abe-chan (Abe Ryohei) I think it would be better to call you!

This confrontation will take place in two stages, the first stage and the second stage. However, only the two teams with the highest point total in the first stage will advance to the second stage. An exciting development that a team will drop. As expected, which team will win! ? (modelpress writing)

Commentary by Shun Matsuo (Chocolate Planet)

I had the opportunity to play each time, and I already prepared my countermeasures perfectly, so I will do my best to win! I don’t want to lose to Nagata, who I’ve been on a team with for a long time, and they’re a very educated team. I feel like I’ve finally arrived at Golden, and I want to take this opportunity to do my best to become a regular. You can enjoy it together in front of the TV, so I would like you to watch it with your family while learning it.

Comment by Nicole Fujita

I’m good at memorizing the things I like, but if I’m not interested, it’s going to be negative, so it’s hard. It’s very difficult…. It’s usually hard to remember people’s faces and names, so I wanted to take this opportunity to learn them properly.

Commentary by Tatsuya Fukasawa (Snowman)

It’s Johnny’s, and Snow Man is a good dancing group, so they learn the choreography quickly. I’m the fastest in the group, so I have confidence in my memory, and I absolutely want to win!

Commentary by Koji Mukai (Snowman)

I thought I had a good memory, but I also feel nervous, so I feel my memory is a little weak. I think it would be better to invite member Abe-chan (Ryohei Abe) for this kind of show! (smile)

Commentary by Shohei Nagata (Chocolate Planet)

Maybe it’s because we’re moving towards the golden belt, but unlike the problems we’ve had so far, it’s a very expensive place (laughs). It’s quite a step forward. Since the problems of new genres have multiplied, more and more “Oboero!” ]evolved. Now that it’s golden, the questions have become more beautiful and improved, and there are rumors whether watching it will increase your IQ or not, so please check it out!

Comment by Kaori Manabe

I’ve been on various quizzes so far, but I think this is really different. The parts of the brain used are also different. I think it will be a great boost to get your brain feeling happy again in your daily life!

Comment by Hiroe Igeta

I thought it was really hard to memorize katakana. When meaningless characters are lined up, that alone makes me nervous… I was worried until it started, but I think I enjoyed it! Please look forward to it!

Commentary by Takahiro Ogata (Panther)

I’m already on this show, and my diet is all about fish (take DHA, which is supposed to be good for memory). It happens, so stay tuned! (smile)

Comment by Sadao Abe

There is no problem because acting is fundamentally a trade to be learned. You can not be wrong. I thought it was a program that suited me. I see Hikorohee as a great actress because she’s on the same acting team. I think Yoshimura-san, who is on the same team as me, is also a wonderful actor! (laughs) I’ll do my best!

Commentary by Kohei Matsushita

I’m confident because my job is to memorize, but this “Oboero! I thought it was a program that required a sense of memorization. It was the most fun in the universe!! After this recording, there will be a dramatic shoot, but I think I’ll forget all the lines (laughs).

Comment by Hikolohee

This time, as a team of actors, I am participating as an actor representing actors, so I think we can win. Mr. Yoshimura leads the cast! (smile)

Commentary by Takashi Yoshimura (Heisei Nobushikobushi)

It is a very interesting program that reduces the problem. It’s a little awkward to be on the cast… (From the staff) The first thing I was told was “Don’t lose”, so there’s a lot of pressure , but I can’t act, so I try my best with the feeling of being among the actors and making them excited!

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