The morning TV quiz show “Political Issues 22 Years Ago” suddenly cut “Unnatural” “What Was That?” Confused Viewers: J-CAST News[Texte intégral]

The 2-hour special of the quiz show “Cream Quiz Miracle 9” aired on September 14, 2022 (TV Asahi) has become a hot topic among viewers due to an unnatural cut.

  • Taken from the official page of

    Excerpt from the official page of “Cream Quiz Miracle 9”

  • From the Official Okazaki Taiiku Twitter Account (okazaki_taiiku)

    From the Official Okazaki Taiiku Twitter Account (okazaki_taiiku)

  • Taken from the official page of
  • From the Official Okazaki Taiiku Twitter Account (okazaki_taiiku)

“The 2000 issue was cut…why?”

What caught the eye was the “time machine quiz” in the middle of the program. It’s a corner where you can look back on Reiwa’s 30 years in Heisei and ask a question every year in various genres such as entertainment, sports and politics. Viewers pointed to a question about politics in the year 2000, which was asked about 1 hour and 30 minutes into the show.

In this question from 2000, unlike other years, the text of the question and the correct answer are not specified. Singer-songwriter Taiiku Okazaki (33) and others applauding, they moved on to the next question.

On Twitter for the sudden cut,

“Hmm? What was the question Mr. Okazaki answered correctly?? I suddenly cut him off.”
“The 2000 issue was cut…why?”
“What’s Wrong With Abnormally Cut Politics in 2000?”

Questions and concerns followed.

When J-CAST News’ editorial department asked TV Asahi’s public relations department about the problematic sentences and correct answers Mr. Okazaki responded to, and why he omitted them from the broadcast, the 20,” I answered about the production process in the past. No,” he replied.

(Tomonaga Sakashita, J-CAST News Editorial Service)

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