Viewership of “Kamakura-dono no Thirteen” Episode 36 Increased to 12.4%!

  1. Viewership for “Kamakura-dono no Thirteen” Episode 36 has increased to 12.4%! Hatakeyama-dono & Wada-dono” 2 shows are also a hot topic “Bando’s best warrior”sports report
  2. “Kamakura-dono 13 people” Viewers who are loud about the next subtitle “Ombelebun Bimba” “I see.Netorabo
  3. “Kamakura-dono no Thirteen” This time, it’s Shigetada Hatakeyama who wins! Yoshitoki was pinned to the ground with a blade pushed on him… Throwback to the 36th show “The Samurai Mirror”Japanese
  4. 13 people from Kamakura: 12.4% more audience for the 36th episodeWEBSITE
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