9/25 (Sunday)[GAMBA FAN FESTA 2022]TEAM BLUE / TEAM BLACK players and cheerleaders are announced! ! |Gamba Osaka Official Website

Thank you for your many applications for the pre-event of GAMBA FAN FESTA 2022.
We emailed all winners on Tuesday, September 20, so please check it out.

This year, under the theme “BE BLUE, BE BLACK ~Autumn Athletic Meet Against Blues and Blacks~”, we will be split into two teams and hold various competitions!
The first part will be a blue and black confrontation on stage, and the second part will be a blue and black confrontation on the field.

On the day of the event, we will also predict the outcome with “G Challenge! GAMBA FAN FESTA ver.”
3 people will be drawn from all the correct answers and will win a “Limited GAMBA FAN FESTA 2022 T-shirt with autographs of all the players of the winning team”! !
*The G Challenge QR code will be displayed on signage in the 3rd floor lobby.

List of players for each team

TEAM BLUE’s cheerleader will be Ryo Kaji, and TEAM BLACK’s cheerleader will be Kenji Tamura.

DF.2 Shota Fukuoka (Captain) / GK.1 Masaaki Higashiguchi / DF.3 Gen Masako / MF.10 Aki Kurata / DF.13 Ru Takao / MF.14 Yuya Fukuda / MF.15 Mitsuki Saito / GK.21 Daichi Kato / DF.24 Keisuke Kurokawa / MF.29 Yuki Yamamoto / FW.32 Issai Sakamoto / FW.40 Ryotaro Shokino / FW.45 Suzuki Musashi / MF.48 Hideki Ishige

◎ TEAM BLUE Cheerleader: Ryo Kaji

DF.4 Hiroki Fujiharu (Captain) / DF.5 Genta Miura / MF.6 Rihito Yamamoto / MF.8 Kosuke Onose / FW.9 Leandro Pereira / MF.11 Wellington Silva / MF.17 Kohei Okuno / FW .18 Patrick / GK.22 Jun Ichimori / MF.23 Dhawan / GK.25 Satoshi Ishikawa / DF.26 Wataru Yanagisawa / FW.37 Daito Yamami / FW.39 Takashi Usami / MF.41 Yoshiro Nakamura / MF.47 Fan Arano

* DF.20 Kwon Kyung Won will not participate due to national team activities.
*Participating players are subject to change.

◎ BLACK TEAM Cheerleader: Kenji Tamura

In addition, the captains of both teams will participate in the public recording of the CAZI march on stage starting at 10:00 a.m.
Please take advantage of the events leading up to the opening.

The special site has also been updated, so be sure to check it out!


We look forward to seeing you there.

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