Accidental Misreading of Nitteleana ‘Dozens of Feathers’ Errors in Live Stream Net Shock ”Not Good” ‘It Seems to Be a Dark Story’: J-CAST News[Affichage du texte intégral]

Nippon Television announcer Machiko Sato misinterpreted “several dozen feathers” as “kazujuuwa” in “Sukkiri” which aired on September 21, 2022, and there is a tsukkomi on the Internet.

  • From Machiko Sato's Instagram announcer (machiko.sato09)

    From Machiko Sato’s Instagram announcer (machiko.sato09)

  • NTV's Machiko Sato.De Twitter Announcer (@ntv_sukkiri)

    Machiko Sato.De Twitter announcer (@ntv_sukkiri) of NTV “Sukkiri”

  • From Machiko Sato's Instagram announcer (machiko.sato09)
  • NTV's Machiko Sato.De Twitter Announcer (@ntv_sukkiri)

“Kazujuwa no Tori”

At the beginning of “Sukkiri”, we introduce a rare incident that happened during the professional baseball game between Lotte and Orix at ZOZO Marine Stadium on the 20th. At the top of the 6th inning, in the event VCR during from which a flock of birds burst into the stadium and the game was interrupted, Sato Ana, who was reading the manuscript in the studio, misinterpreted ‘dozens of birds’ as ‘Kazujuwa no Tori’ . . It seems many viewers realized the mistake because there was a telop in the video that read “Dozens of birds swooped in,” but the co-stars didn’t point it out in the chat. studio immediately afterwards.

On SNS, “Kazujuwa? Sujuwa, right?” Dozens of[Kazujyuwa]are useless…” “If Kazujyuwa doesn’t turn into a laugh, it’s going to be a dark story,” viewers slammed after another.

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