Anime TV “The Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki Northern War” 1st PV & visual published (Impress Watch)

[Voir une autre image liée à cet article]“The Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki Northern War” is a TV anime based on Nihon Falcom’s RPG story “The Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki”. In the year 1205 of the Septian calendar, the “Kiseki” series takes place in the autonomous province of Northumbria, located in the northwestern part of the continent of Zemuria. The original story of is drawn. Animation production by Tatsunoko Pro. This time, major casting information and enthusiastic comments have also been lifted. ■ 1st PV & 1st visual broadcast □ 1st PV In the 1st PV, which has been lifted, Lavi (CV. Makoto Koichi) boldly fights against the giant Grenoja in the snowy mountains. Ravi, whose grandfather was a “hero” who betrayed Northumbria in the past, dedicated himself to the mission of the Northern Jaeger in order to prove he was different from his grandfather. Action scenes of his companions Marty (CV. Yuichi Nakamura), Iselia (CV. Sera Emi Bridcutt) and Talion (CV. Yuki Ono) also appeared, and they were both tasked with carrying out a mission of espionage in the Erebonia Empire. is content that makes people look forward to the many adventures that await them. □ The first visual The first visual shows four people aiming for the empire from the autonomous province of Northumbria, and you can read Ravi’s strong will for his mission, as well as three people: Marty, Iselia and Talion. You can feel their individuality. of their facial expressions. ■ Introduction of information and enthusiastic comments about the main cast Lavian Winslet: Makoto Koichi Martin S. Robinson: Yuichi Nakamura Iselia Frost: Bridcutt Sarah Emi Talion Drake: Yuki Ono Mr. Makoto Koichi]I am very happy to be involved in one of the long-running stories in the “Kiseki” series. This time the story is from Northumbria’s point of view, so what does the Empire of Northumbria look like? , I hope this will be an opportunity to learn more about this world! How will Ravi, the grandson of the “hero”, live and grow in this story? I would be happy if you could look forward to it.[Martin S. Robinson : CV Yuichi Nakamura]I am Nakamura, who plays the character of Martin from the TV series. Although he did not appear in the game, it is expected to be related to the original character because he is located in a certain time axis of the game! I hope everyone who watched the anime and those who continue to play the game will enjoy it![Iselia Frost : CV Bridkat Sarah Emi]I am Bridkat Sarah Emi, who plays the role of Iselia Frost. The information has finally been lifted! I’m really happy to be part of the historical Kiseki series! Iseria is a very expressive and charming character. How will he engage with the other three… Please look forward to the broadcast! ![Talion Drake : CV Yuki Ono]I am Yuki Ono and I will be playing the role of Talion Drake. Talion has a strong sense of justice and acts on his own beliefs, but there is something about him that is hard to hate and he is often teased by his peers. It was great fun to play, so look forward to it! ■ “The Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki Northern War” Story and Personal[Histoire]Year 1205 in the Nanyo calendar. Lavi, a girl born and raised in the poorest region of Northumbria, located in the northwestern part of the continent Zemuria. In order to protect her hometown and prove that she is different from her grandfather, Vlad, who was once revered as a hero and betrayed Northumbria, she volunteered to join the Northern Jaegers, known as the largest jaeger corps on the continent. do his duty. Lavi, who is immersed in his mission and repeatedly violates discipline, is ordered to form a platoon with Marty, Iselia and Talion on a reckless covert spy mission in the Erebonia Empire. In order to obtain information about the unknown existence “Heroes of the Empire” which threatens Northumbria.[Personnel]Original: Nihon Falcom Director: Eiichi Sato Animation Story: Mao Emura Series Composition: Hideki Ryoga / Mao Emura Original Character Design: Masaharu Hara Character Design: Mina Osawa Falcom/Sen no Kiseki NW Production Committee

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