[Arc de Triomphe]Dow Deuce, two reigning Japanese horses passed a week ago… Camp Doe Deuce “I think I can squeeze one more” -Sports Hochi

  1. [Arc de Triomphe]Dow Deuce, two Japanese title holders passed a week ago… Camp Dow Deuce “I think we can squeeze one more”sports report
  2. [Arc de Triomphe]Both Japanese riders are doing well Holder of the title Trainer Kurita “Good movement without strength” Dou Deuce counter-attack “It was a solid charge”Eastern Sport Horse Racing
  3. [Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe]The defending champion and Dou Deuce have completed a week of catch-up in Francesanspo
  4. Arc de Triomphe Challenge Title Holder Crosses First Overseas Expedition Impressed by the Strength of Mental Fortitude – Yutaka Ando’s Happy (Horse) Diary – Horse Racing Chroniclenikkan sports
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