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Britain’s Queen Elizabeth at the state funeral on the 19th.

It has also caught the world’s attention in terms of fashion, such as the style in which clothes and hats are unified in bright primary colors.

What kind of thoughts did Queen Elizabeth have about her fashion, which would have been a strong engagement?

(International Department Reporter Mayu Oishi)

The Throne 50th Anniversary Hat Designer

The first person I interviewed was British hat designer Misa Harada, who designed the hat worn by Queen Elizabeth II in 2002 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of her accession to the throne.

Hat designer Misa Harada

After graduating from the Royal College of Art in England in 1994, Mr. Harada became the first Japanese designer to work for a royal purveyor hat brand.

Regarding the hat that was adopted for the “Golden Jubilee” ceremony, he said, “I think people liked the sleek and elegant design, which features an asymmetrical, asymmetrical shape and a gentle curve of the brim.” gave me

Missa Harada
“I think it was a hat that allowed the flow curve to make the face look better or make it easier to see.
Queen Elizabeth is very petite, so she always chose hats with high tops so anyone could recognize her as the Queen.

Queen Elizabeth in “The Golden Jubilee” (2002)

Queen Elizabeth’s fashion engagement

Mr. Harada designed over 100 designs for Queen Elizabeth.

What the Queen tried on and loved became the real hat she wore for royal occasions and overseas visits.

Among them, Mr. Harada says it was “the color” that made the Queen’s strong commitment felt.

Missa Harada
“Queen Elizabeth had a style that she developed during her 70 years on the throne and always had a penchant for very bright colors.
You have a perfectly coordinated style with hats, clothes and gloves.
Among them, the major premise was that “the hat and the clothes should be exactly the same color”.
The process of dyeing the material, matching all the flowers and feathers of the same color and redoing it over and over again until it was the perfect color was a big challenge in making the queen’s hat. Elizabeth.”

The consideration of Queen Elizabeth through “color”

Kaori Nakano, who knows the fashion history of the British Royal Family, points out that the reason the Queen’s clothes and hats are often brightly colored is that the Queen’s whereabouts can be seen in one a look.

He also says that there were various considerations in choosing the “color”.

Kaori Nakano, researcher of the British royal family’s fashion history

Kaori Nakano
“Queen Elizabeth wore pink at the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics.
I think pink was chosen as a color that is not used in any country’s national flag when linked to another country’s color, which could be seen as favoring that country.
Additionally, when visiting Japan in 1975, he showed respect for Japan by wearing red-based clothing. I think you often wore green clothes with the sense of peace.

Queen Elizabeth announces the opening of the London Olympics (2012)

Embody the immutable British in fashion

Queen Elizabeth wore a variety of colors to match the countries and events she visited.

The style was cohesive, and he says, “It expressed the unchanging England and gave people a sense of stability.”

Kaori Nakano
“I believe Queen Elizabeth has always represented ‘unchanging England’ in her dress, demeanor and facial expressions.
This sense of stability had a great impact on the British people, and in her later years she became a symbol of Britain and the United Kingdom, becoming a position as the “Mother of the World”.
It was the Queen’s“Multicolor to a Style”I think it’s an expression in

What is the message in fashion?

Additionally, Mr. Nakano points out that accessories such as accessories worn in various situations may have been filled with the Queen’s messages and emotions.

Kaori Nakano
“While Queen Elizabeth’s necklaces always consisted of three strands of pearls, she had around 100 brooches, each with a story.
For example, at the wedding of Prince William and Duchess Catherine, they wore a “Lovers Knot” brooch, which means to tie love, and read the Queen’s heartfelt congratulations on the marriage of her grandchildren.”

Queen Elizabeth at the wedding of Prince William and Duchess Catherine, 2011
A brooch meaning “tie love” on the chest

The British royal family remains neutral on political issues.

The queen herself never explains the significance of her accessories and clothes, but there have been instances where it has become a topic of conversation that the queen may have some sort of message.

Kaori Nakano
“In 2017, Queen Elizabeth addressed Parliament amid the turmoil surrounding Brexit.
Because the hat he wore at the time looked like the EU flag,
“I think the Queen supports the EU”
“It can’t be a coincidence”, etc.
The public and the media have tried to read Queen Elizabeth’s intentions in many ways.”

Queen Elizabeth wearing a hat resembling the EU flag (2017)

like a great fashion icon

Queen Elizabeth was the center of attention for the color of her clothes, hats and accessories.

“I think the Queen, as a woman, liked ‘understated fashion’.”

Mr Harada, a hat designer who worked on the Queen’s hats, says the Queen’s fashion was reflected in the Queen’s fashion as a representative of England.

Missa Harada
“As far as I know, Queen Elizabeth loves Jaffa Cake, a common British biscuit, and in fact has a common taste.
I think he was someone who really liked the so-called rural life, and rather liked plain and traditional clothes.
Nonetheless, on official occasions, she chose bright colors that would make the Queen instantly recognizable, while choosing colors that matched the country she was visiting and cared about the people there.
Queen Elizabeth’s style was something no one could imitate, and I think she was a great British fashion icon.”

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