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FGO Eye Catcher

This is a clear party report bulletin board for the isolated island between FGO. Please use it when capturing Fate/Grand Order (Fate Grand Order).

Click here for the lonely island between the holes strategy

How to use the reports table

New Bulletin Board Features


You can specify details such as minions, skill levels, and crafting ceremonies by writing in detail. You can write even if you don’t fill it in, so you don’t have to select the part you want to omit. You can also use image + write as before, so please use whichever posting method works for you.

Detailed certificate


You can check the detailed organization and full text of the commentary from “Click here for organization details” at the bottom of each article. If you are interested in the composition, please check it from here.

It’s OK to only post pictures!

Example of using FGO_Bulletin board

It’s OK to only post one image and one text like the previous boards!

② About images and text

The images and texts you post are posted on Twitter andWe may present them together in another article.

Thanks for understanding.

③ Please cooperate with the use of beacons

when you postCheck applicable tagsIf you can put it, it will be easier for people to find the training later, so please cooperate.

Clear Lonely Island Party Report Board

*Up to 40 MB

*Tap the added Servant/Craft Essence icon to remove it from the filter items.

+ Servant Selection

+ Selection of artisanal essences


The selected minion/crafting essence will be displayed here

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