Giant Rising to No. 3, Reasons Why CS Connection Can Be Expected to Drop Expert-Rated Hits, and Director Hara’s Obsession | Full Count

The great play that fascinated Yoshikawa in the ninth round that saved many guardian deities

Giants 5-4 Yakult (20th, Tokyo Dome)

The Giants won the Yakult game held at Tokyo Dome on 20, 5-4. Hanshin and Hiroshima, who were lined up with no game difference, were defeated, so they moved up to 3rd place alone. Hiromasa Arai, a baseball critic who worked as a batting coach at Orix, Softbank and Hiroshima, said, “I learned how to score efficiently. I can see the CS battle as an advantage.” pushed.

The batting team saved the tough development in which starting rookie Akahoshi dropped two early runs. In the 3rd inning, he scored 3 runs off Maru’s hits and managed to turn things around. In the end, the guardian deity and many runners sent runners, but Yamada punched through the air and won the close battle.

With a victory from behind in the last game at home, Mr Arai said of the team, which emerged as a class A team for the first time since August 16, “It is an effective way to score points we don’t have “I didn’t get when we were losing. He scored with a home run that appears to be his color. The good defense that Yoshikawa showed in the last round also shone.”

In the ninth inning with a one-run lead, Kawabata hit a ball that appeared to go between first and second base, but second baseman Yoshikawa slipped and caught it. Rotate as is and throw the ball to first base and out. It was a big room that helped a lot of Guardian Deities as there was a possibility to go to Murakami.

Obsessive succession policy to get starting pitcher Akahoshi out after 3 innings “The bullpen will be fully mobilized in the remaining games”

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