“GUNDAM EVOLUTION” Steam is only available overseas!Let’s play from the official Bandai Namco launcher in Japan | Game*Spark – domestic and foreign game information site

PC version tomorrow, September 22, 11 a.m.“GUNDAM EVOLUTION”the official service will begin.

Before starting the service, we would like to confirm thatPlatform.This work will be distributed simultaneously worldwide, so even the PC version“Steam”When“Bandai Namco Launcher”are available.

Note that in JapanCan only be played with Bandai Namco LauncherPoint. It’s easy to misunderstand as the supported platform is labeled as Steam, but you can play from SteamAsia excluding Japan, North America, Europeis.

Please note that Bandai Namco launcher and Bandai Namco ID are required to play the PC version of “GUNDAM EVOLUTION” in Japan (future support is unknown).

Captured from the official video program.

The pre-download of the PC version started yesterday, so if you want to play when the service starts, download it.

About how to start the gameOfficial information pagePlease confirm.

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