[Hanshin]Yoshio Itoi “At first I thought I was a bird-man with wings” Retirement ceremony Even after 11:00 p.m., the crowd was still buried-Professional Baseball-Nikkan Sports

  1. [Hanshin]Yoshio Itoi “At First I Thought It Was A Birdman With Wings” Retirement Ceremony Even After 11:00 P.M., Audiences Stay Buried – Professional Baseballnikkan sport
  2. [Complètement non coupé]Superman Yoshio Itoi’s Last Lap at Bat (September 21, 2022 Hanshin-Hiroshima) #Sun TV box seatsun tv
  3. [Q&A de la conférence de presse sur la retraite d’Itoi]Bodybuilder? YouTuber?Appendix Sponichi
  4. [Match de retraite]Hanshin’s Itoi took a commemorative photo with his teammates before the game. Appeared at the opening ceremony (September 9, 2022, Hanshin-Hiroshima) # Sun TV box headquarterssun tv
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