Hitoshi Matsumoto’s comedy is “the most boring. What’s interesting?

Businessman Takafumi Horie said in a YouTube video posted on September 18, 2022, “I think it’s the most boring” and “I don’t know what’s interesting”.

  • Takafumi Horie (pictured in 2019)

    Takafumi Horie (pictured in 2019)

  • Takafumi Horie (pictured in 2019)

“I never thought the M-1 was interesting.”

Mr Horie appeared on editor and YouTuber Kosuke Minowa’s ‘Sauna no Futari’ YouTube channel in the video ‘I asked Horiemon a question that seems hard to answer’. When asked “Who is your favorite M-1 champion?” about the M-1 Grand Prix, the best manzai match in Japan, Mr. Horie truncated saying, “I never thought M-1 was interesting.”

“When I was saying the M-1, someone who liked the M-1 showed it to me. I couldn’t laugh about it.” When Mr. Minowa asked, “Why is it boring?” Mr. Horie pointed out, “I can predict the downfall. Somehow the production is lax. The script is lax.”

When Mr. Minowa said, “You like master burgers, don’t you?” Mr. Horie said, “Burgers are not M-1s. » Confession. He also shared an episode where he met Mr. Jun Itoda, also known as “Hamburger Master,” at Tokyo Station.

Mr Horie said: “Before that, I liked Yoshio Kojima.” The more you do, the less interesting it becomes,” he said.

“I have no idea what’s so funny”

He continued, “That’s why I think Mr. Matsumoto’s comedy downtown is probably the most boring. I don’t know what’s funny at all.” “I also went to see Mr. Matsumoto’s movie, but it was really boring. I think it was a big loss for Yoshimoto Kogyo,” he cut off.

Horie’s remarks are causing ripples in the comments section and on social media.

“It’s fine if you don’t know what’s interesting, but if you say it’s boring, you can’t do it, Horiemon.”
“Somehow people laugh at Horiemon’s comedy theory, but I don’t get it at all.”
“It’s a matter of taste. Don’t bother saying it.”
“I think it’s okay to say you don’t know what’s funny. Matsumoto-san’s laugh is like that. But do you need to say the most boring thing?”
“Horiemon, you will be beaten just for speaking your thoughts”

On the 21st, Mr. Hiroyuki Nishimura, also known as “Hiroyuki”, the founder of the Internet message board “2ch (currently: 5ch)”, who often engages in verbal battles with Mr. Horie, quoted an article by press on Mr. Horie, saying, “It’s yours. It’s an impression, isn’t it?”

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