Hoshino Gen: Discovering the joy of making miso soup. Put leftover fried chicken in it and it’s “outrageously delicious” First Post-Wedding PR Event – Mainichi Kirei

  1. Gen Hoshino: Discovering the pleasure of making miso soup. Throw in leftover fried chicken and it’s “outrageously delicious.” First PR event after the weddingbeautiful every day
  2. Gen Hoshino reacts to coffee tasting! Unintentionally loud voice and smile “UCC GOLD SPECIAL PREMIUM” new CM presentationmaidigitv
  3. Gen Hoshino who is addicted to miso soup “Fried chicken is delicious” – GIGAZINElive door
  4. Gen Hoshino, a surprised face with a particular taste Beware of the “4 types” of expressions! “UCC GOLD SPECIAL PREMIUM” New Movie CM & Making/Web Limited “First Experience, 4 Special Flavors”maidigitv
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