“I can’t tell you the video ‘Queen Elizabeth’s funeral news’ was cut off” multiple times…and then what the hell? I asked NHK: J-CAST news[affichage du texte intégral]

“I can’t tell you the video because of the broadcast rights.” On September 20, 2022, NHK General aired “Catch! World’s top news”, when foreign media news reporting the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth of England was reported, along with such a display, the actual He There were intermittent scenes where the new video didn’t leak.

Netizens were surprised by the sudden event, saying, “I saw it for the first time” and “What is it?” I asked NHK what was going on.

  • ‘I can’t tell you the video due to broadcast rights’ News of the Queen’s funeral has been ‘cut off’ several times, why

  • actual display

    actual display

  • actual display

“Use restrictions in reruns of the same program”

“Catch! World’s top news” is a news program that explains in Japanese video the news reported by media around the world. The broadcast started on NHK BS1 in January 2016, and currently there is a first broadcast from Monday to Friday at 8:00 a.m. and a repeat at 11:00 a.m. From March 2010, in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, NHK General began rebroadcasting at 10:00 a.m.

The September 20 broadcast reported foreign media reports of Queen Elizabeth’s state funeral held the day before.

When the news from the British broadcaster BBC was picked up, the video suddenly cut to a halt in the scene where King Charles was about to proceed to Westminster Abbey, the site of the state funeral, and the message ‘ I can’t tell you the video due to broadcast rights’ was displayed for 40 seconds. After that, it reverted to actual news footage, but on the scene where the Chief Chamberlain’s broken cane was placed on the Queen’s coffin, the message “I can’t tell you the footage” appeared again. been displayed. Meanwhile, the voice translated into Japanese was flowing.

In the news of the French broadcasting station 2 (Dou), which was later reported, the above display continued for almost 2 minutes in the news that the leaders of various countries and the king have visited the state funeral. Also, at the end of the show, news of the Queen’s funeral was covered by ABC News in the US, but even here the display “I can’t tell you the video due to rights broadcasting” was repeated intermittently three times.

On Twitter, “I saw it for the first time”, “There is no video because of the broadcasting rights…what is it?”, “Why the audio is OK but the video is NG…?” And so on .

What was going on? On September 21, an official from NHK’s public relations department explained to J-CAST News, “Some of the footage from Queen Elizabeth’s state funeral could not be used in reruns of the same program.” On top of that, he said, “During the rerun of General TV and BS1 on the 20th, we didn’t use the corresponding video and played a message saying ‘I can’t tell you the video because of the rights. of dissemination. “”

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