“INSIDE AKATSUKI”, which is closely related to the activities of the Japanese basketball team, three new players talk about their feelings for the World Cup – Basket Count | Basketball Count

“INSIDE AKATSUKI” is video content that allows you to see the “real appearance” of Japan national basketball team players recorded by the Japan national team. In this series, we will start a training camp for the Women’s World Cup and tell the back of the Japan women’s national team who flew to Australia every day.

Players who work hard shooting even if team training is interrupted. During the training camp in Japan, Nanako Tofuji worked closely with her assistant coach, Yoshikazu Suzuki, to improve her skills. Also, Mai Yoshida, who is challenging a major international tournament for the first time, speaks candidly about her feelings when she was selected as a member of the national team and what she should do.

Like Yoshida, Aika Hirashita also talks about her excitement for the World Cup, which will be her first appearance. Hirashita, who will be the youngest member of the Japanese national team at this tournament, made his national team debut just four months after he was first called up. He left a mark in defense in the international warm-up match in August and scored a record tally in the recent test match against the Belgium national team. Expectations are therefore high for his success in this tournament.

I can’t wait to see how the young trio will fare in the current Japan women’s national team, as well as the senior performances that can be relied upon.

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