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American Major League Yankees-Pirates (20th, New York = Yankee Stadium)

YankeesJudge AaronOn the 20th (Japan time, 21st), the outfielder (30) entered the starting lineup as the “right wing No. 1” against the Pirates, and hit the 60th homer of the season, thus becoming the sixth player in major history. .

In the 5th at bat, leading the 9th inning in a 4-run chase, Judge had no hits, such as nigolo, three goro, walks and strikeouts. Fans who gathered at the base each time they went to bat stood and waited for the historic moment. Then count 3 balls, the 5th ball of 1 strikes.pirateHe carried 95.3 miles (approximately 153.4 km) from the Crow relief right arm to the left wing seat. The strike speed was 111.6 mph (about 179.6 km) and the flight distance was 430 feet (about 131 meters).

So far he has hit 60 home runs in one season and hit a record 73 home runs in 2001.Barry Bondsdirected byBaby RuthRoger MarisMarc McGuire(twice),Samy Sosa(3 degrees) 5 people 8 degrees. The judges reached a milestone for the first time in 21 years since Bonds and Sosa in 2001, and after firing two shots against the Brewers on 18 (19), they played two games in a row with a day off between the of them. , he lined up his name in successive boasts of power.

American League &YankeesThe record is 61 home runs set by Maris in 1961. Including that game, there are 16 games left in the season. There is almost no doubt that he will set a new record for the league and the team, but it will be interesting to see how far he can extend the record.

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