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A public rehearsal and press conference for “The Stolen Lightning Percy Jackson Musical” with actor Keito Okamoto was held. Official photos and comments have been released.

Keito Okamoto, first musical challenge “I want to give courage to many people”

This work, Okamoto’s first musical, is a thrilling story full of speed. It’s a coming of age adventure story with elements of comedy and laughs.

Okamoto said, “At first I was filled with anxiety and pressure to play Percy Jackson, whom I had loved since I was a child, but as I practiced with the wonderful cast and staff, Percy’s strength of courage has I would like to pass on that courage to a lot of people. It’s a work with a lot of gimmicks, so we talked about it during rehearsals and created it. I’m here,” he commented.

“And there were so many songs that touched my heart, and when I sang them with a live band for the first time, I felt the emotions rising and that’s the power of this work! I will do my better. I’ll wait for you at the theatre.”

The play will run from September 21 to October 5 at Yurakucho Yomiuri Hall and from October 9 to 10 at the Kyoto Theater. (modelpress writing)

Comment by Keito Okamoto

At first, I was full of anxiety and pressure to play Percy Jackson, whom I had loved since I was a child. The courage and strength that I possessed welled up inside me. I want to share this courage with many people. It’s a job with a lot of gimmicks, and we all discussed and created it during rehearsals. And there are a lot of songs that touch my heart, and when I first sang it with a live band, my emotions rose, and that’s the strength of this work! I felt that. I will do my best to provide an adventure trip. We are waiting for you at the theatre.

Comment by Mayuko Kominami

I am very happy to have my first day today. Annabeth is generally strong and has a strong sense of justice. It’s the first time I’ve played a powerful role, but I think I’m being played by myself (laughs). Percy, played by Mr. Okamoto, led everyone into the rehearsal room, so I think the synergistic effect increased the energy and made it a good job. 12 unique characters will color your adventure, so I hope you enjoy it.

Comment by Kousei Mizuta

It’s a miracle that we can start the first day like this, and I’m very happy about it. The Luke I play is a demigod who has scars across his face and heart, but he’s the most human of all the characters that appear in the work. It was a scene with lots of laughs as everyone exchanged opinions on how to approach the character. I would like to touch the human nature of Luke in the last scene. I would like to steal the hearts of our customers as “Stolen Raigeki”! Thanking you in advance.

Comment by Kento Kiuchi

I feel like practice has just started and I still can’t believe today is day one. It was a lot of fun in a creative rehearsal room where everyone was sharing ideas on how to approach the role and how to create emotions and create work. As Percy’s best friend and bodyguard, I want to accomplish what Percy wants to accomplish, and I’d like to enjoy playing the coward who wants to become an independent person.

Commentary by Hironobu Miyahara

This work is a scene created by everyone, and Keito-kun, who learned to perform from scratch, brings everyone together, and it has become an interesting work, with everyone rising wonderfully. I don’t play a child, but I want to play a teacher who can be seen as a mischievous and good teacher. It’s a story about the gods, but it’s not a difficult story, so I hope you enjoy watching it with your family. I would like to grow even after the curtain is opened while feeling the reaction of customers, so look forward to it.

Soichiho’s comment

My heart is full of anticipation that we will finally be able to welcome the first day. I’m really looking forward to seeing the customer’s reaction and thinking that it’s going to change in different ways. I wear a mask, but if you think it’s funny, I’d like you to laugh and be part of the story. My role is to love my son by hesitating on various things, but I would like to deepen my role as a mother who watched over Kei-chan (Okamoto), who came to the rehearsal room earlier than anyone and was the last in Paris. I hope you enjoy Soichiho, who plays the role of a mother and plays the other roles.


Percy Jackson (Keito Okamoto) lives with his mother Sally (Kazuho So). Even though he thinks he lives a very serious life, for some reason he finds himself in the situation of being expelled from school several times. And this time too, he was suspended from school due to a certain incident. A depressed Percy is noticed by his best friend Glover (Kento Kiuchi) and his Latin teacher Branagh (Hironobu Miyahara).

Percy, who can’t go to school, decides to attend “Summer Camp” at Sally’s suggestion. Surprisingly, it was a place where boys and girls who are “demi-gods” who have gods as parents train for battle. Percy is surprised, but in his relationship with Annabeth (Mayuko Kominami), the son of Athena, the goddess of wisdom, and Luke (Kosei Mizuta), the son of Hermes, the messenger god, he realizes that he is the son of Poseidon, the god of the sea. The first time he knew his father, it was only a short time, but Percy was suspected because of his upbringing…?

Percy, Annabeth and Glover now embark on an adventure with their own thoughts to clean up, salvage what’s important and prove their strength.

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