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King & Prince’s Ren Nagase serves as the lead personality, and Oswald’s Shunsuke Ito serves as an assistant. was decided to air on October 23 starting at 2:30 p.m.

Main Character of Ren Nagase “Bizword Course for Confused Workers”

For working adults who can’t say “I don’t know that business term”, is it possible to brighten up the work life full of embarrassment and embarrassment? Bisword variety.

Every day I give ambiguous answers to weird words that sound like they’re in a foreign language. I’m not good at bizwords, but I’m sure it’s better to know… Nagase, who is of the same generation, is confused and finds a clue back when he was groping in the dark for a si young member of society.

In the program, he uniquely explains the annoying biz word, “Toma bi word”, which confuses people and makes them pretend to know. An “inviting person” who is well versed in business pleasure speaks not only about the meaning of words, but also about intentions and situations, until Nagase and Ito fall in love. Are you talking about business or are you talking about life? After laughing, learning, and watching, the workplace landscape may look a little different. 29 minutes to awaken to the pleasure of the “world of work” with Nagase.

Commentary by Ren Nagase and Shunsuke Ito

Nagase commented, “I was looking forward to the taping of the second episode. Mr. Okajima and Mr. Fukai, an entrepreneur, carefully explain things in an easy-to-understand way, so that I can go home with an understanding. claire. “I’m glad I got to experience that again this time. This time there are a lot of varied elements, so it’s easier to understand. I think there are. Let’s learn weird words together so you won’t get confused in the real world!”

Ito also said, “It’s a biz word that sounds complicated, but these are words that you can actually use when you understand it. While experiencing the meaning, like playing a game to build a business with Ren-kun and organize a workshop , I’m glad I was able to learn. It was a great learning experience because I was able to discover both the freedom and the difficulty of a business. (modelpress editorial staff)

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