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Lewis Hamilton: 1000% sure Mercedes F1 can win in 2023

Lewis Hamilton says he is 1000% confident in the ability of the Mercedes F1 team to build a winning car in 2023.

Lewis Hamilton is entering the final stages of a difficult F1 season as the Mercedes F1 team struggles with the complexity of its next-generation F1 machine, the W13, which has been transformed into a ground effect car.

The extent of the Mercedes F1 Team’s problems revolves around the rebounding and pooping characteristics of the Mercedes W13, particularly in the first half of the season, and Lewis Hamilton is set to end the season without a win for the first time since. his debut in F1. .

Not just at Brackley, but also at Brixworth, Mercedes F1 engineers worked tirelessly to understand and solve the mysteries embedded in the W13, gradually gaining an understanding of the car’s erratic behavior. .

Mercedes F1 bounced back to a podium on merit as a result, but Lewis Hamilton is confident 2023 will be a very different story for teams and drivers.

“It’s always complicated, but for me I would say ‘we were very strong in the past, we won the world title, our communication continues to improve’,” said Lewis Hamilton.

“We have more meetings and conversations in different groups, so we can give as much feedback as possible about how we feel in the car and what limits we can save time.

“These are things that you can’t see in the data, things that the driver can provide. So we’re working closely with George on that as well.”

The final six races of 2022 could play a crucial role in helping the Mercedes F1 team define the design specifications for its 2023 car, the W14. But Lewis Hamilton says he is already “satisfied” with the direction the team has set for itself.

“The car has potential, it has downforce but there are places where it’s not being used,” Hamilton said.

“Obviously ride comfort is always an area where we can improve.”

“So I’m happy with the direction we’re going and I have 1000% confidence in the people who are back at the factory and putting all the pieces of the puzzle together so we can fight next year. There is no doubt that we will come back to our position.

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