Naomi Osaka advances to the second round by abstaining from the opposing women’s tennis tournament | NHK

In the women’s tennis tour held in Tokyo, the first singles round took place and Naomi Osaka qualified for the second round because her opponent, an Australian player, withdrew in the middle of the first set.

The “Toray Pan Pacific Open” women’s tennis tournament, held for the first time in three years due to the influence of the novel coronavirus, held the first round of singles on the 20th, the second day of the tournament, and ranked 48th in the world aiming for a straight win Naomi Osaka of Japan played against Australia’s Dahlia Savile, ranked 55th in the world.

In the first game of the first set, Osaka racked up points with her powerful serves and held on to the service game.

However, in the second game, Savile screamed as he grabbed his left knee and collapsed on the court, while Osaka rushed over with a towel to take care of him.

Sabil withdrew from the match with a left knee injury and Osaka advanced to the second round after just 14 minutes of match time.

In the second round, Osaka will face Brazilian Beatriz Hadaj Maia, ranked 16th in the world.

In addition, in the first round of singles, Hondama Mai and Naito Yuki lost, and in doubles, the pair of Nao Hibino and a Canadian player, the pair of Makoto Ninomiya and Eri Hozumi, and Shuko Aoyama. and the pair of Taiwanese players were eliminated in the first round.

Naomi Osaka: ‘I hope I’m not seriously injured’

At the post-match press conference, Naomi Osaka commented on Daria Sabil, who pulled out of the race due to injury, saying, “I thought it was a big deal to reveal so much I’ve suffered a lot of injuries myself this year. She’s young and I can understand how she feels. I’ve looked back.

Then, about performing in front of an audience in Japan for the first time in a long time, he said, “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the fans, and I’m really grateful that they came to the hall of the bad weather.” said.

Regarding the second round, he said: “I don’t have the final in mind. I want to play one game at a time. I want to focus on the next game.”

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