ORICON NEWS: Entertainer Kick, ‘Ready to Deal with ‘Copyright Infringement’ in Good Faith ‘Copyrights Unclear and ‘Confusing’ |

Kick publishes a comment on the

Kick Posts Comment About “Copyright Infringement”

On the 21st, comedian Kick (former KICK☆) updated his blog and wrote about the alleged departure from the “Super Mu no Sekai R” program due to copyright infringement, saying, “J “I will listen carefully to the lawyer’s opinion. We will deal in good faith,” he said.

[Photo]In the past, he was active in “Entertainment God”… Kick who is also a fortune teller

On her blog, she said, “I would like to report on the matter that is causing trouble” and added, “Since we are currently discussing with representatives of both parties, I would like to refrain from making detailed comments, but in short, this time. , The author pointed out that it is a violation of copyright because he did not consent to ‘My Story’.” He continued: “I think that if it constitutes a violation of the right copyright, I must apologize immediately and respond in good faith.”

On the other hand, “According to the lawyer, the copyright belongs to the person who created the story, but the story that I spoke about in this case was something that the writer himself heard from others. So I don’t know which party the author’s copyright belongs to, and although the author pointed out that this is copyright infringement, I have clarified which party owns the author’s copyright. how to respond.” He is currently in the process of confirming the facts through his agent.

Also, ‘copyright’ is a word we hear often, but for example, in old stories like folklore, there is naturally no copyright, there seems to be a lot of finicky points for non-specialists to judge, such as the fact that copyright does not exist.” “For this reason, we intend to handle this matter in good faith while listening to the views of our lawyers. Thank you very much,” he continued.

Regarding the kick, CS “Entertainment-Tele” decided on the 14th that the content introduced in the original broadcast “Super Mu no Sekai R” was “highly liable to infringe copyright”, and the broadcasting and distribution of the corresponding episode have been decided. .announced to have ceased. At the same time, he said, “In response to this matter, Mr. Kick requested that he want to withdraw from the program. apologized.

Writer Takeshi Ohara sued for copyright infringement and on Twitter, “The story of Mr. Kick, a psychic artist in ‘Super Mu no Sekai R’ Season 222. I gave no permission “It’s a shame, so I’m taking this opportunity to officially file a protest against psychic artist Kick.”

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