Seibu’s Sousuke Genda Explains In Weekly Magazine Report ‘In A State Of Mental Behavior’ ‘I Want You To Not Take The Baseball Out Of The Player’ -Sanspo

  1. Seibu’s Sousuke Genda explained on Instagram after receiving news from a weekly magazine ‘I’m in a state of mind control’ ‘I don’t want you to take the baseball away from the player in question’sanspo
  2. “Because I can’t forgive” Seibu Genda’s wife and Nogizaka 46’s former Misa Eto were slandered and slandered “guilty” is a teammate’s wifebunshun online
  3. Seibu / Genda A colleague’s wife gave a long explanation for the slanderous report “I never imagined” “Do not slander”Appendix Sponichi
  4. Seibu Genda explained the damage caused by the couple’s slanderous report.daily sports
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